Blaireau: “Centralia”

At a party last week, a friend introduced me to the possibility of using the phrase “No Flex Zone” defensively. Every time one of us would make a joke at his expense, he’d put his hands up and shout “Hey man, No Flex Zone!” in the same way one would call "no take backs." To him, declaring a space to be a “No Flex Zone” creates a barrier against any perceived flexes, in effect rendering the flexer ineffective (or flexless, if you will.). His logic is infallible.

Tumblr is littered with blog posts about recommitting one’s self to blogging, and that’s largely because it’s an empty promise. Life happens man, and in my case, “Life” happened to be Fallout 3, and what I’m guessing to be seasonal affective disorder.

But yo, since your boy’s been gone he’s been up to a lot:

  • experimenting with speaking in the 3rd person
  • simping over various women
  • using the phrase “that’s not hip hop” as a euphemism for bad
  • rediscovering my love for The Diplomats
  • watching hella vine comps
  • and becoming a capital “w” Writer

I quit this blogging thing to get out in the real world and try to connect with people, but as it turns out I have a predilection for talking to strangers over the internet, so I’m back at it (Juug Man voice).

Imma save all the talk about how I’m gonna get back to posting regularly, cause I don’t even believe that mess myself. I’m going to write until I don’t feel like it anymore. You leave me alone. I’m allowed to do that on my blog, word to the god Bill Simmons. No Flex Zone.

Anyway, I’m out here rambling like a black supremacist (which, ironically enough, will be my Halloween costume this year.). As some of you may know I make music myself, and a couple of weeks ago I went into my fortress of solitude and came out with this fire beat 7 hours later:

A lot of the stuff I’ve been trying to teach myself over the last few months came together on this one, so I’m pretty proud of it to be honest. Check it out, leave feedback, share it with your homies.

I’m back, or whatever. Let the eagles go.

Young Thug: “Danny Glover”

About 6 months ago, Chance the Rapper sat down with Hot 97’s Pete Rosenberg for a particularly illuminating interview in which he discuss amongst other things, “bruh-bruhs”, his relationship with Barrack Obama, and why he’s yet to sign with a label.

You should watch the entire thing, but one point that resonates the most comes around the 6:30 mark where he says, in fewer words, ‘Thank god for Future and Drake, because so few rappers are making use of melody in their rhymes.’

He’s absolutely right here. It’s Chance’s ear for melodies is what makes Acid Rap so enjoyable, and its something he has in common with Future, Kendrick Lamar, and other rappers most people would be hesitant to group him with. Melody is what makes a song catchy, its what gets it stuck in your head, and is the reason why artists like Chief Keef are making millions while your favorite lyrical rappers are out here grinding for YouTube views.


You’d be hard pressed to find a rapper who embodies this sentiment more than Young Thug, the 21 year old rapper hand picked by Gucci Mane to join his 1017 Bricksquad label. If you’re not familiar, Young Thug is a Cronenbergian hybrid of Danny Brown, Future, and “The Carter”-era Lil Wayne. In other words, he’s fucking dope, and 6 months from now he’s the guy your coworkers are most likely to ask you about at the water cooler because you’re their go to for all things hip-hop (not unlike Trinidad James this time last year).

Thugger dropped a new joint titled “Danny Glover” a few weeks ago, and its pretty excellent. Take off your hater-blockers and let this one ride, because it’ll grow on you. Listen to the track below, and if you’re thirsty for more be sure to check out "Picacho", "2 Cups Stuffed", and "Foreign".

"It’s probably because I talked to Bill O’ Reilly and asked him if he was mad." Cam’ron sits down with Noisey

Y’all aready know how I feel about Cam’ron, so I’m not even going to summarize his most recent interview with Noisey, there are far too many quotables. Just trust your boy and read it.

Plus, it gives me the opportunity to post my two most favorit-est cam’ron related things.



And This:

Stay trill.

Dead Dilly Rebrands the NBA

Rumor has it that in the coming years, we’ll start to see brands incorporated into NBA jersey design. As awful as it may sound, Dead Dilly, a designer based in Ontario, took a stab at incorporating some of the world’s biggest brands on current NBA jerseys, and the results are hella dope.

Now, we might never see a Bape x Boston Celtics Larry Bird jersey, but if designers take a similar approach when designing real brand sponsored jerseys, it might not be such a bad look after all.

View the full collection here.

LuckyMe Advent Calendar

Its that time of the year again, LuckyMe presents the fourth edition of their annual Advent Calendar. Expect free mp3s daily from your favorite LuckyMe artists, possibly including Hudson Mohawke, The Blessings, Lunice, and maybe, just maybe, Cashmere Cat.

Peep the first release “Spiritual America” by The Blesssings below, and the entire Advent Calendar here.

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